Festival "Holland Village"

pr-hollandlog0FESTIVAL "Holland Village"
After 25 years of traveling to many countries around the world, the event "HollandVillage" in 2010 arrived in Vietnam at the park 23 / 9, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City from 22 to 31 October with many diverse activities

Began his journey in 1985, went through all the countries Europe, Asia, includingHong Kong, China, Malaysia, Thailand, France, Austria ..., attracting millions ofparticipants. "Holland Village" to Vietnam to celebrate 37 years of relationshipsVietnam - Netherlands (1973-2010).

The event is a re-scaled with the Dutch old houses, windmills, tulips, music, cuisineand traditional folk games to promote Dutch culture to the people of Vietnam andinternational travelers.

The place is vividly recreated the life and habits of the Dutch. Visitors are witnessingthe Dutch artist picky, rash billion each carved wooden clogs, admire displays ofblown glass with Frans Limpens handicraft products such as ceramics from theexquisite pottery workshop Delft famous around the world ...